Retirement Coaching

What is it?

The word ‘retirement’ conjures up very different connotations now to those of previous generations, and as such a new and fresh approach to this next, exciting phase of life is called for. 

Are you ready for the opportunities and challenges ahead? 

Have you thought about how this next stage might look, what you will do and how you will use your time? 

Perhaps you find it a daunting prospect, or you really don’t know where or how to start planning. I have devised a modular coaching programme to take you through every step in the run up to retirement and beyond, to plan ahead and position you to embrace this new phase of life with joy and anticipation.

Retirement Coaching

What's Covered?

Scoping Your Retirement Coaching Programme:

The Three P’s:

The aim of this programme is for you to construct a clear idea of what this next phase of life might look like, and to have a plan that you are confident you can execute, and to be excited and energised!
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