Coaching Services

Why You Need a Coach

I believe in making coaching available to individuals at all stages of their professional lives – and beyond! Using a professional business coach has multiple benefits.

It helps you to see yourself and others more clearly, teaches you new ways to respond to challenging moments, unlocks new skills or builds upon existing ones, helps you manage or enhance relationships and, ultimately, empowers you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Working with a trusted coach throughout your career is investment in yourself and your future.

Where I Excel

Services I Offer

Executive Coaching

I work in partnership with senior leaders and executives, either individually or as part of a wider corporate development programme, supporting my clients as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of leadership.

Career Coaching

I work with you on planning your career and executing a strategic career plan so that you have a clear career roadmap, feel fulfilled by your work and that nothing is left to chance.

Retirement Coaching

I have devised a modular coaching programme to take you through every step in the run up to retirement and beyond, enabling you to anticipate this new and exciting phase of life with anticipation and a clear plan of action.

Professional Development Coaching

Often individuals are hampered by lack of confidence in the professional skills for which they receive little or no training. I work with you to develop these skills and thereby propel your career forward.

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